Public Diplomacy & Poly International Children's Choir (hereinafter referred to as "Choir") is a youth and children training project of the event "Small Citizens Promote Great Diplomacy" launched by the Public Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange Center, which has received positive response and support from embassies of various countries in ChinaSenior Chinese diplomats are invited to teach children diplomatic etiquette and culture; famous university history experts are invited to teach global history. Poly Art Education cooperates with well-known artists at home and abroad and famous teachers from art schools to teach art knowledge, guide rehearsals and performances to provide choir members with the highest standard theater stage, thus building a bridge through music and culture for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries for teenagers and children from all over the world.


to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning among international civilizations and spread China's fine music culture

to promote cultural and artistic exchanges between Chinese and international teenagers and children



P U B L I C  D I P L O M A C Y & P O L Y

 I N T E R N A T I O N A L

 C H I L D R E N ' S  C H O I R





1. Children from various countries participate in courses, rehearsals and activities

Foreign embassies in China are invited to recommend foreign children to form a "World Little Citizen Chorus" with Chinese children. Thus, using music and culture as the media, and art as the bridge, children from different countries and races with different languages enjoy the artistic charm of world music. They can make friends around the world, understand others' cultures and customs in an international atmosphere, becoming a new force in promoting international friendship together.

2. Rehearse and teach courses in multiple languages such as Chinese, English, German, and Italian

The rehearsal course guides students to learn international excellent art works in various forms of artistic expression, such as operas, musicals, and art songs. Repertoire performances are integrated into teaching to break the traditional pattern of chorus with the focus on "singing" to improve participation and interaction of team members. By studying the works of various countries and learning multiple foreign languages, children can have opportunities to appreciate world culture.

3. Senior diplomats spread diplomatic etiquette and culture

Senior Chinese diplomats are invited to teach diplomatic etiquette, protocol, history, customs, tourism culture, foreign anecdotes and other things so that children can listen to and experience diplomatic stories and appreciate diplomatic style.

4. History experts teach global history

Famous university history experts are invited to teach "Global History for Children", so that children can learn the history from prehistory to the modern world, from the glory of Constantinople to the tragedy of Sarajevo, from our ancestors to us. During the course, children will be guided to break through the limitations of individual civilizations and countries, and explore the bright historical and cultural river jointly created by all mankind.

5. The choir participates in national foreign affairs activities and Poly cinema performances

The choir will be invited to participate in national foreign affairs activities and cultural exchange activities organized by embassies in China, and to perform in the largest theater stage in China under Poly to display their charm. 





T E A C H E R   F A C U L T Y 

 / S U B J E C T S


Diplomacy Culture Course - Senior Diplomats


Global History for Children - Teacher Profile

Liu Xu

Teacher at the Graduate School of Capital Normal University


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Ph.D. in History 

Research interests: global history, medieval Sicilian history, medieval and modern European ethnic relations, etc. 

6 articles have been published at Chinese core journals, 5 translation works have been published, and 1 translation work is to be published.

Liu is responsible for the internationalization of graduate education at Capital Normal University, offering an English course, Modern China, for international students, and maintaining long-term and stable cooperative relationships with dozens of world-famous universities.

Liu has long served as the examiner of IELTS in China (listening and reading sections – Clerical Marker).


Introduction to the Instructor

Porf.Raimund Wippermann

Dean of Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf, Germany/

International Famous Chorus Conductor


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Professor of choral conducting

Founder and artistic director of Cantemus, a chamber choir

As a choral conductor and artistic director, Wippermann is active in participating activities in Germany and other European countries. From 1995 to 2002, Wippermann has cultivated many excellent orchestras in the school. During his teaching career, he has trained lots of outstanding students from all over the world.

Chen Bing

Secretary of the General Party Branch of Voice & Opera Department of Central Conservatory of Music/Chorus Conductor


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As a young conductor and artistic director of opera, Chen is a professor in Conducting Department of Central Conservatory of Music, secretary of the General Party Branch of Voice & Opera Department of Central Conservatory of Music, and conductor of the chorus of Central Conservatory of Music. He once studied under the guidance of Professor Xu Xin, a late famous conductor and educator, and Professor Yu Feng, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, President of Central Conservatory of Music, President of China Conductor Association, and famous conductor.

Guo Zhiping

Executive Director of China Chorus Association


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Guo was the former Director of the Art Center of Beijing No. 35 Middle School, the Director of Beijing Jinfan Art Education Promotion Center, the Executive Director of China Chorus Association, a member (expert) of the Art Committee of China International Chorus Festival, and the Vice President of Popularization Professional Committee of China National Orchestra Society. He has won the title of exemplary individual of People's Progressive Central Committee for Poverty Alleviation, Outstanding Music Teacher of Beijing, and Member of Xicheng CPPCC (three times).

Introduction to the 

Permanent Commander

Zhao Jian

Chorus conductor of Voice & Opera Department of China Conservatory of Music


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Zhao, a member of Communist Party of China, is a conductor of China Conservatory of Music and member of China National Orchestra Association. He graduated from Conducting Department of China Conservatory of Music with a master's degree. After teaching, he has offered courses to undergraduates such as "Chorus and Conduction", "Chorus and Ensemble", "Knowledge of Chinese National Music", and "Chinese Opera Rehearsal", and participated in the "Chinese and Foreign Opera Practice" course supported by the "Double Top" construction offered to postgraduates.

He was once a member of the chorus expert group at the 70th anniversary of National Day and centenary of the founding of Communist Party of China, and was awarded the excellent conductor of Beijing University Student Music Festival. He published a book Research on the Theory and Practice of Vocal Music Art Education, and participated in and directed the recording of the "Chinese Folk Songs", a dual first-class construction project of China Conservatory of Music.

He once conducted the concert version of the opera "Honghu Red Guards" and "Jiang Jie" at National Grand Theater, and served as the conductor of "Concert in Memory of Teacher Shen Xiang", "Guo Lanying's Artistic Achievements Concert", the concert "I Love You, Beijing" at Beijing Opera and Dance Theatre, and the New Year Concert of Chinese Orchestra.

Ma Shuai

Conductor in Traditional Chinese Instruments Department of Central Conservatory of Music


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In 2008, Ma was admitted to the Conducting Department of Central Conservatory of Music and studied under the guidance of Professor Xia Xiaotang, a famous conductor. In 2013, he graduated with excellent grades and was recommended to study for a master's degree without examination under the guidance of Professor Wang Fujian, a famous conductor. He also dabbled in conducting national orchestras. After graduation, Ma remained in the college to teach and served as the leading teacher of the course of orchestra ensemble in Traditional Chinese Instruments Department of Central Conservatory of Music.

Permanent Acappella Art Director


Wang Yuxuan

Famous Acappella arranger/art director


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Wang, with a master degree of Music in Composing of China Conservatory of Music, is the founder of Why not Studio, chord singer, judge and lecturer of Honeycomb Music Festival & Aca Music Camp. She has edited and recorded music for singers such as Li Yugang, Wang Sulong, Zhong Chuxi, and Zhou Erke. In 2005, she began to learn Acappella singing and arrangement, and did well in adapting Chinese traditional native folk songs, with representative works: "Horse Lantern Tune" (Pinocchio Vocal Orchestra); "Yariya" (Freewill Vocal Orchestra); "Living Like Summer Flowers", "I Want to Love the World" (Xiamen Sixth Middle School); "My Motherland" (Teens in Times). She has won Acappella Awards at home and abroad for many times, and has designed and arranged advertising music for well-known enterprises such as Tencent and Jiangxiaobai.

Introduction to the

Permanent Commander

Liu Ruolin

Young opera teacher at Poly Art Education


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Master of Vocal Music Performance, Kalaidos University of Music, Switzerland

Liu once led the Orchestra of Beijing Haidian Experimental Primary School to perform together with the Children's Orchestra of Cologne at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln in Germany, receiving good praise from the Cologne Municipal Government. During her stay in Germany, she completed several solo concerts of individual art songs, led the choir to participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China at the Consulate General of China in Dusseldorf, rehearsed a chorus for the German government and achieved excellent results in "Good Voice of Flange".

Introduction to the 

Permanent Piano Art Director

Wei Jiachong

Young piano teacher at Poly Art Education


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Wei once studied under the guidance of Pan Chun, deputy director of Piano Department of Central Conservatory of Music. He got the first in entrance examination to enter the Piano Department of School of Art, Renmin University of China, and was taught by Professor Kang Yuchun, the director of the Piano Teaching and Research Section. Later, he was admitted to New England Conservatory, Mannes School of Music at The New School, and Manhattan School of Music with excellent grades. Wei chose to study for a master's degree in piano performance at Mannes School of Music at The New School and received a high scholarship. He studied under the guidance of Mr. Jerome Rose, a renowned American piano educator and Stanway Artist.

Introduction to the 

permanent theatre art director

Ou Yiyao

Young drama teacher at Poly Art Education


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Master of Arts in Drama and Theatre Education, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Bachelor's Degree in Director Department, the Central Academy of Drama

Studied in Chinese Dance Major, High School Affiliated to Beijing Dance Academy

Director and instructor of Poly Youth Edition "Romeo and Juliet" in 2022 Poly Art Education Summer Show 

Chief director of "Baoyi Yangfan" in the first art exhibition of 2022 Poly International Art Center

Director assistant for "Wedding March" and director assistant for "Player" at Beijing People's Art Theatre

Introduction to the 

permanent dance art director

Fu Xiao

Young dance teacher at Poly Art Education


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Dance Teaching Manager at Poly Art Education

Fu pursued her bachelor and master degrees in Beijing Dance Academy, majoring in Chinese folk dance. She was once a dancer of the China Ethnic Song & Dance Ensemble, a teacher of School of Continuing Education of Beijing Dance Academy, and a teacher of Beijing United University.

Judge of the 10th "TaoLiBei" International Dance Exhibition. 

She participated in the creation and writing of four teaching materials, including the Beijing Dance Academy's "Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance Teaching Series 2". She won the "Youth Group A Silver Award" in the second Hong Kong International Dance Competition. She also participated in large-scale dance special performances such as "Dancing between Heaven and Earth", "Legend", and "Our Fields".


B R A N D  C U L T U R E


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The Public Diplomacy & Culture Exchange Center ( Public Diplomacy Center, P.D.C.) , which initiated its public diplomacy practice on April 30th, 2007 at No.78 Jianguo Road of Beijing and launched its official name on October 16th, 2009, is one of the earliest and biggest non-governmental diplomacy organization in China. As the pioneer, promoter and practitioner of the China's public diplomacy, P.D.C. is aimed at let China integrate into the world and let the world know China, and held the idea of Respect, Understanding and Harmony. Through culture and art exchanging, charity activities, people-to-people dialogue and many other public diplomatic ways, P.D.C. deepens the understanding and interactive communion between Chinese people and people all over the world, as well as strives to promote the development of the friendly relationship between China and other countries.

Since its establishment, P.D.C. has received visits from hundreds of Chinese and foreign dignitaries and celebrities, including the visit of H. E. Mr. Ollanta Humala Tasso, President of Peru and visit of H. E. Mr. Rafael Correa Delgado, President of Ecuador.  P.D.C. has successfully planned and organized hundreds of public diplomacy activities with considerable international influence and humanistic color, such as the Celebration of Africa Day, the Celebration of the Day of Arab League. The platform of public diplomacy media has been integrated and established by P.D.C.. P.D.C. has established friendly and close contacts with ambassadors to China and embassies of various countries in China, won the honor of forever "Africa Home" awarded by the African Diplomatic Corps, won the honor of forever "Arab Home" awarded jointly by the League of Arab States Beijing Mission and the Council of Arab Ambassadors, and was honored as "Latin American and Caribbean Home" by Latin American and Caribbean mission in China. Dozens of diplomatic envoys  (representatives) in China had been entrusted as the Honorary President for Life of P.D.C.. P.D.C. actively carried out "going out" public diplomacy activities, and organized "Silk Road Concert" in cooperation with other international organization in Geneva of Switzerland, Luxor of Egypt, Carthage of Tunisia, Madrid of Spain, which won wide attention and praise in the field of international public diplomacy. P.D.C. has also reached strategic cooperation with the France-China Association, the Ireland-China Business Association, the Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association ( Geunuhoe of R.O.K.), the Angola-China Chamber of Commerce, the D.P.R.K. Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, the Jindallae Children's Fund and the Diplomatic Academy of the Kingdom of Spain.

Public Diplomacy & Culture Exchange Center, with its focus on the development of youngsters and children, has successively held cultural and artistic exchange activities aimed at enhancing their international identity and understanding, such as "Asian Children's Art Exhibition", "World Youth Friendship", "African Ancient Civilization Exhibition", "Jazz Night", "International SALSA Art Festival", "Diplomats Looking at China", and "Chinese Diplomats Looking at the World". In 2022, the Center launched a series of activities called "Small Citizens Promote Big Diplomacy", which aims to cultivate small citizens of the Earth with a global perspective and inject new forces into public diplomacy and international cultural exchanges.


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Poly Art Education Investment Co., Ltd. is an education business investment management platform established under the strategic deployment of China Poly Group. It is an important measure to implement the central government’s spirit of reforming state-owned enterprises, promote business innovation and upgrading, and actively fulfill the social responsibility of central enterprises. As the company directly under the management of Poly culture group, it relies on the group’s rich resources in culture and art, performances, theaters, international cooperation and exchanges and other fields, gives full play to the advantage of business linkage and combining producing and teaching, practices the collaborative education strategy of producing, learning and studying, establishes an art education system with poly characteristics and advantages, so as to cast an excellence brand of Chinese art education.

Poly Art Education has established a diversified quality-oriented education system with music, dance, drama and fine arts as the core products, and a professional education system focusing on international overseas study and art examination training. It has actively carried out vocational education in art, forming a multi-level business layout. In addition, with Poly International Art Center, Culture and Art Square, Cultural and Art Block and other products, it will influence people of all age groups in cities and communities, so that more families can live a happy life and feel beauty in the Poly art education ecosystem, purify their body and mind and build harmony under the influence of art. 

The quality education system takes “cross-professional thinking and interdisciplinary practice”as the concept, takes music, dance, drama and fine arts as the core, and features“troupe-style education”. It is committed to artistic enlightenment, artistic accomplishment and personality cultivation.

The academic education system serves the whole age art education group, connects with domestic and foreign art education resources, and creates Poly International overseas study, Poly Art Examination training and other products, so that more people can have the opportunity to gain a broader future.

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